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July, 2010 | Journal of a Dad - Part 2
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Kids Own Dads in Family Board Games?

You would think (and hope) that in a game like Monopoly, I would easily defeat my eight and 10-year-old sons simply based on real-world experience. Uhhhh…no.

A couple of weeks ago, Casey (the 10-year-old) defeated me, and today they both left me in the dust, Casey winning again basically by banking the game on Boardwalk! It’s a great thing (hey, they’re my boys and they’re wheeling and dealing real estate like Donald Trump!), ego-busting (they are 8 and 10, after all), and fun all at once.

The roll of the dice, let’s say, was not going my way!

So I’m opening up a survey here. Have you had similar experiences in a specific family board game? Have you never had the guts to talk about it? Here’s your chance to get it all out!

Please vote in the poll to the right or leave a comment below.

And I’m talking about legitimate beat downs here, not the type where you make a wink-wink, absent-minded mistake to allow them to win.

My son has beaten me twice in Monopoly. That is no longer a fluke, but a trend! I will chalk that up to him being a very smart kid – who needed help making change – and nothing else.

Please share your fun experiences with family board games, another great Dad-By-The-Hour activity!

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Health Insurance Help

As dads, our top priority is providing for our families, right? And one of the most important ways to do that is to make sure our families are properly covered with a strong health insurance plan.

In today’s uncertain climate, from what the newly-passed healthcare bill will mean and how it will take effect, to the economics of it all, finding the right health insurance coverage can be frustratingly difficult and confusing.

Journal of a Dad is not about sales pitches, but it is about presenting opportunities. And I only present things once. Whether you seize the opportunity or not is entirely up to you. In some cases, very honestly, I could be getting a commission, but only because I have purchased the product myself first and am recommending it to you.

That disclosure out of the way, I cannot recommend enough my health insurance agent (and wonderful wife), Jackie. Before I get the “omg, he’s just promoting his wife’s business,” please take just a minute and read on.

First, Jackie is a licensed independent agent who can get you set up with life, health, annuities, etc. Because she doesn’t represent just one company/provider she is much more able to find a plan that fits you and your family. She did it for ours, including getting us a better and cheaper plan than our group plan at work. Then, when I lost that job, we still had a great health insurance plan rather than losing those benefits.

Second, as you’ll find out immediately when you talk to her, she genuinely cares about getting you what you need. Because of a high level of character and integrity (often missing in sales people!), she refuses to make your call about making her the highest commission possible and would rather not make a deal with you than make a deal that gouges you or simply doesn’t make sense for what you need.

Finally, if you need major medical, primary or supplemental health insurance, if you’re unemployed, are a student, have a baby on the way, or have pre-existing conditions, whatever the reason is that you need health coverage, she will talk you through what you need to do and you may very well be surprised at what she can do for you, plan-wise and money-wise! Many already have been!

Call Jackie at 877-776-7160. It’s a free call. I personally guarantee your experience will be a good one. Don’t let the fact that I’m promoting my wife’s business get in the way of how she can genuinely help you with a very important facet of your life. It’s your choice. Get your health insurance taken care of now. This very well may be the last call you have to make about it – and wouldn’t that be nice!

Get the truth! Health Insurance is too important! Call Jackie toll-free anywhere in the U.S. at 877-776-7160 or visit here for more information or to get your own quote. Make the phone call so you can get all of the details for your specific situation.

Let me know how it goes!

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