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June, 2010 | Journal of a Dad
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Dads – Take Over Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to millions of fathers all over the world! What a great thing it is to be a father! My question and challenge today, though, as we accept gifts, try out new gadgets and bask in the glory that is fatherdom is how many of us are really and truly “dads”?
It’s easy to be classified as a father. In fact, by the simplest and crudest definition a father could simply be a sperm donor. There are nearly 68 million fathers in the U.S. right now, yet, according to the Census Bureau, nearly one in three children under the age of 18 do not even live with their father. The National Fatherhood Initiative adds that up to 40 percent have no interaction with their father. Eighty-five percent of the single family homes in America – 15 million of them – are run by the mother. And the cause and effect statistics from the absence of dads are not pretty, as children are two to three times more likely to do poorly in school, get involved with the wrong crowd, commit crimes, do drugs, etc.
But though it is soberingly important to not turn our backs on such statistics, this article is about praising dads – those 1.7 million single dads out there, those like this ordinary dad, who have sometimes struggled with the balance of work and family, those whose jobs take them away for days at a time, those whose checkered pasts cruelly interfere with the present and taunt the future, telling them over and over that they’re just not good enough, those who are doing the very best with what they have, which may not be much, sacrificing themselves for the sake of their childrens’ future, and those, all of us, who love our children immensely and unconditionally.
Celebrate being a dad, and set an example worthy of following. Be proactive on Father’s Day! Don’t just take in the accolades (especially if you’ve been working all week anyway!), return the favor by giving yourself to your family for the day. Fire up that new grill by fixing their favorites, put those nice new golf clubs aside and take the family to play 18 holes on a miniature golf course, try those snazzy new clothes on and take everybody out for a nice dinner, try out the new fishing poles or other outdoors equipment after a picnic lunch at the park, pop the popcorn and watch a movie with them, or even go green a bit by planting a tree in the yard that will always remind everyone of Father’s Day 2010 after a family game of wiffle ball, horseshoes or touch football of course!
We’re dads! Respect it! Be humbled by it! Celebrate it! Bask in it! Happy Father’s Day!

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Welcome to Journal of a Dad

The premise may be simple enough. Most likely you’ve seen sites or blogs where dads brag on their kids and share their family experiences. All good. And this will be some of that. I’ve got great kids, so I’m certainly going to brag on them and you’ll see and hear from them. I also have an outstanding, unbelievably supporting, beautiful wife you’ll hear about and from. You’ll hear about our daily life, our travels, our cooking recipes, what we’re reading, how we entertain ourselves, products we like (or dislike), as well as our goals, hopes, prayers and challenges, etc.
Why in the world will any of that be interesting enough to you that you subscribe to Journal of a Dad and follow along? It’s all in the presentation. What I mean by that is first off, it will be presented in a genuine, honest way. I’m not an expert on parenting and won’t pretend to be. I’ll tell you when something doesn’t work for our family, and will gladly tell you about our victories as well. Secondly, I’m going try to present things in the most interesting ways possible, and nowadays that’s a wide open field. Sometimes that might make this blog seem like a type of reality show, but so be it. At least this will actually be real. Finally, I’m hoping that by documenting my experiences as a dad it’ll both hold me accountable to the family I love and want to be my best for, while also allowing you to interact with us – to providing suggestions, opinions, etc. while taking some of ours to try with your own family.
Everyone knows how important documentation is when faced with the burden of proof. In the case of Journal of a Dad, if I’ve promised to do something with my kids, for instance, time won’t get away from me when delivering on that promise. This past year, after family issues, joining the unemployment line, and various other distractions, I lost track of planning the annual winter camping trip. By the time I got focused on it again all the spots were reserved and I was out of luck. I let my kids down, and, speaking of time getting away from me, I don’t have all that many years left that I can spend with them on an annual winter camping trip before they are doing their own thing. How will Journal of a Dad help? I’m documenting our outings, from start to finish, and the kids are in on it from the beginning. That’s just one example. But to me, I need to be organized to be effective, even on my job as a dad. Maybe you need help in that department, too.
Otherwise, this blog will hopefully save you time when you’re planning outings, vacations or road trips, looking for honest reviews on products and programs for families, news stories that pertain to dads, families and pertinent issues, etc. because I’m going to do the research for you. I’m trying to provide a service I wish I had sooner and that I’d like to frequently visit.
So, I hope you’ll be patient as we grow, and join Journal of a Dad as we celebrate our families and discover ways to make them stronger.
Next time I’ll tell you all about the extent of the documentation idea, plus tell you more about me and my family (to give you some perspective) and we’ll get off and running!

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